North Central WV RFC
About North Central WV RFC

The North Central WV RFC is a mixture of what was the Fairmont Rugby Club, located in Fairmont WV, and the Mon-River Rugby Club, located in Morgantown WV. Fairmont and Mon-River were both Men's clubs in past years, but with college rugby on the rise they both took a hit. Fairmont started as a college team, then became a Men's club, and returned to a college team in 2008. While WVU has been quickly amping up its team to advance to DI college rugby. This has taken a tole on Men's rugby in these areas and recently
​Men's rugby has taken a downhill turn in North Central WV. Over the last few years these two teams have had to forfit games and scrounge for players. This team was created to help restore Men's rugby to this area of the state. We vow to be a contending team that earns respect on and off the field.

Any ruggers willing to participate are more then welcome to come join the team. Also, anyone who has ever thought about giving rugby a shot (or just thinks they are tough enough) are more then welcome also. We play year round with a league season in the Fall, a social tournament style season in the Spring, and a Seven's season in the summer. We also recruit year round.​​ So come give it a try, you've got nothing to lose except some excess weight and some pent up stress.

About Rugby

-ONLY the Captain may speak to the Referee  -Profanity during match play is forbidden
-​Matches last 80 minutes (40 minute halves)
-The ball can ONLY be passed backwards
-​Players play BOTH Offense and Defense   
-​EVERY player can run with the ball
-No huddles, no timeouts, no downs, just open play (similar to Basketball and Soccer)
-There are 15 Players per side on the pitch (8 Forwards and 7 Backs that play on each starting side)
-A potential of 8 substitutes
-​The Forwards form the scrum and lineouts 
-​Backs are primarily open field runners
-Every Player can score
-A "Try" = 5 points (similar to a Touchdown in football) 
-​Conversion kicks = 2 points (similar to a football extra point)
​-Penalty kicks = 3 points (similar to football field goals)
​-Tacklers MUST wrap & engage below the shoulders 
-​NO BLOCKING FOR A RUNNER WHO HAS THE BALL (you must be behind the ball carrier)
-Once a runner passes the ball, the runner can NOT be tackled
-Those substituted can NOT return to the field (unless it is a BLOOD substitute and then they have 15mins to stop bleeding and return to the game)
-Post hand-shaking lines are done in honor of the Game, both Clubs, and the Referee